Tips for Safe Use of The Preloved Site

Tips & Guidance to Safe Use of this Site

Whilst the majority of people advertising on Prelovedbride will be lovely, friendly people selling genuine items, unfortunately we cannot guarantee this. Here are a few tips to help you avoid getting caught out:

  • Be wary of any adverts that contain very poor English, or are offering something that seems too good to be true – they nearly always are!
  • Avoid sellers asking for transfers via Western Union or MoneyGram – these methods are favoured by fraudsters and should be avoided.
  • We use PayPal as our preferred payment option, they offer compensation if you do not receive the item, or you find it is significantly not as described. See their website for details of their Buyer Protection Scheme.
  • If a Seller is reluctant to provide any additional photos of the item, proceed with caution. There may be a genuine reason for this, but be alert to any suspicious behaviour.
  • Be wary of sellers who ask for lots of personal information from you, and are unable to provide you with adequate details of the item they are selling.
  • If you can view the item in person, then this is always a good idea.
  • Offers to pay more than your asking price. Scammers will then typically ask for the surplus money to be returned to them or a third party, for example to pay for shipping. The cheque will clear into your bank account, only to be refused weeks later. At this point, the bank/building society will take the full cheque amount back out of your account. This would then leave you out of pocket for the amount on the cheque and the amount you passed on as the difference.
  • Offers to pay via money order, Moneygram, Western Union or another untraceable method.
  • Sends you a link to PayPal, where you are then asked to re-enter your information. You should NEVER submit your information unless you’ve entered through PayPal’s homepage.
  • Sends you a text message with no number to reply to, and asks you to email them back as they want to buy your dress “urgently” or “ASAP”
  • Mentions a “client”, “agent” or “shipping fees” or that they will pay by “check” and that they are satisfied with the price and not able to view or collect the item themselves.
  • An email allegedly from Prelovedbride (or another company) asking for your personal details – logins/passwords/credit card details. You get an email that claims to be from Prelovedbride or another company and requests that you reply or follow a link to provide personal information. These are fake and are known as ‘spoof’ or ‘phishing’ emails. Any emails which combine urgency with a need for personal details should be treated with caution, no matter whom they appear to be from. Website pages can be easily faked. Prelovedbride and most other companies will never send out such emails. If you get an email alleging to be from Prelovedbride asking for your personal information, don’t follow any links provided in the email.
  • Do NOT use or respond to anyone asking for payment via Ukash. Ukash is a payment service for online transactions between customers and merchant sites and not for transactions between private individuals who have connected through a classifieds website
  • Fake escrow sites. A buyer/seller suggests using an escrow service to complete the transaction. These escrow websites often may look official, but are actually run by fraudsters.
  • If the buyer wants to see the dress in person, arrange to do so in a public place, or when others are present so that you are not alone.
  • Asks you to send the item before the funds have cleared into your bank/Paypal account. You should always wait for funds to have cleared before handing over your item. Please report any suspicious behaviour to us to see if we can help.