How to Sell

If you are interested in SELLING your wedding items, you must first click on ‘Login/Register’, and complete the on screen prompt and hit REGISTER. Once you have registered you will be able to create your shop and list your products by clicking on the ‘SELLERS DASHBOARD’ – where you will see prompts to add new products and edit products. From the sellers dashboard you will be able to:- 1.) Create your STORE SETTINGS here you can choose your store name, make sure to pick a store name that clearly identifies the items you are selling. In store settings you can also set up your Paypal account. 2.) View the items you are selling in the VIEW YOUR STORE option

Choose a category for your item, then describe your item for sale. Give a brief description of the colour, size, fabric type, fashion label or any other information that is relevant and will help the buyer make a decision before purchasing your item.

Set a price for your item. Here you must advise the buyer that shipping is included in the price of the item you are selling. Make sure you obtain a price to for posting and packaging your item beforehand and build it into your price. When a customer reaches the checkout to purchase your item they will see the words ‘free shipping’ so don’t forget to build this cost in.

Please ADD a ‘Contact Form’ beneath your product description. This will enable a buyer to contact you directly should they have any questions or queries relating to the item you are selling.

Add a photo of the item you are selling

Submit your listing and remember to check your messages

How our payment system works. We work on a commission basis only. Your item is free t list, we do not charge any up front fees to list you items, simply follow the above steps to list your item and start selling. Our system is simple you only pay once your item(s) has been sold. See the ‘Pricing’ page for Prelovedbride’s commission details.