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Hi there,

My name is Sue the founder of this new site – prelovedbride. Now the site is underway and starting to gather momentum I thought it was about time I introduced myself and gave you a little more info about myself, the site where I see it ‘going’ and how I envisage it being a massively valuable tool to all brides 2 be and brides that have been.

I have worked in the wedding industry for over 15 years, getting involved a the knife edge of the event, planning decorating and styling beautiful bespoke weddings. So you could say I do know a little bit about weddings, styles, fashion and whats ‘on trend’.

Although a wedding dress is a hugely important and expensive item for any bride, many couples still spend an aweful lot of money on bridesmaid outfits, pageboy outfits, wedding accessories etc, etc… After 12 hours these gorgeous things are no longer needed and in many cases simply discarded. This is a crying shame, particularly when there are some couples out there who would jump at the chance to get their hands on some of this delightful wedding gear.

The idea for the site was starting to formulate in my mind. Why not create a virtual market place for buying and selling all things wedding, both old and new? – GREAT IDEA! So in March 2019 I set to work and by April The site was live and I was inviting my first sellers to add their goods and sell on the site.

PRELOVEDBRIDE gives brides 2 be the opportunity to search for their dream dress plus other clothing or wedding items at a fraction of the cost to buy new. Having only been worn or used for a few hours the wedding items are more often than not still in pretty good condition too!

To date we have 66 sellers registered on the site, offering a range of weddings goods, from suits, dresses, gifts stationery, favours and much more. This is just a drop in the ocean, our aim is to have at least 250 sellers onboard before the end of the year… I am working on it.

So if you have decided to sell your dress or any other wedding related clothing or items why not register and start selling today. If you are looking for that special wedding ‘preloved something’ just pop along to the site and have a quick look, you never know you may find exactly what you are looking for – at a fraction of the cost to purchase new!